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RETURNING TO RHYD CHWIMA HYDREF 2011: A FOTO FEATURE and Addressing Some Uncompfortable Facts We Choose Not To Remember But Does It Matter - You Decide!

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    have courtesy of crediting source, yes!
    Do remember my blogging and research in 
    time and travel is done out of my own 
    pocket I take no 'Saxon Silver' aka Grant
     Handouts. I am quite happy as a Welsh
     Remembrancer and Cofiwn History 
    Enthusiast to carry out this work to benefit 
    of Patriots and cause of Welsh Freedom and 
    Struggle for our National Sovereignty and 
    Independance. Unfortunatly at Rhyd 
    Chwima in the Treaty of Montgomery 
    Llywelyn III was to surrender Sovereignty 
    by swearing as Hywel Dda had done fealty 
    to an English King. However, Henry III 
    also recognised Llywelyn III as Prince of
     Wales but at same time Llywelyn III had 
    to pay money for this, unlike Hywel Dda 
    who paid in Wolf Skins. Of course lets face 
    the hard facts Llywelyn III as other Welsh
     Princes had to face a major military 
    'bullying' threat always out to force the
     Welsh into line with English eyes constantly
     to completion of conquest. No doubt 
    Llywelyn III with a none too rich 
    Gwledydd in Gwynedd and traitors all 
    around, I guess had no other option and 
    was thus playing at being pragmatic.
     However, in terms of remembering 
    Hanes Llywelyn III and anything prior to
     1282 with any great patriotic purpose, 
    I regard as being of no particular 
    advantage patriotically as compared to
     Hanes Glyndwr and remembering an 
    'hero' who never made deals nor 
    surrendered to the English Monarchy. 
    Myself, in these times having witnessed
     all that Cofiwn 1282 as no real patriotic 
    leaverage in raising up Patriotic Protest 
    against the English Monarchy today, not 
    even in Gwynedd. That is why the badge 
    of the Welsh Assembly is the Four 
    Lions Passive of Gwynedd/Llywelyn with 
    atop and English Crown. Thus good 
    enough reason for true patriots not to give 
    any allegience to WAG - 'Puppet 
    Parliament' and an 'Assembly of 
    Appeasement with English Imperialism. 
    Perhaps all pre 1282 is left to historic Interest, 
    Education and tourism whilst 1282  is our
     political 'Year Zero' with revolts of 1294, 
    1315 and 1345 along with Glyndwr remaining 
    patriotically political. No Glyndwr Gonk Please!

    Royal Badge of Wales - Wikipedia, the fre encyclopedia

    The badge appears only on the cover of Assembly Measures passed by the ... In 1956 this badge was added to the arms of the Welsh capital city Cardiff by ...

    Whatever, I still suggest Rhyd Chwima 
    worthy of a visit as an 'autumn Break' 
    outing, where for a while you may 
    contemplate the above. note, some photos
     below will help guide you to Rhyd Chwima
     but to take in maps presented below too. 
    Further note, that there has been placed at
     Rhyd Cwhima a plaque and space made 
    for parking within, such needs to be done 
    at other sites not least in Cefn Digoll 
    Connection and else where Patriots get
     on the case in your community. Pressure 
    Local Authority and Archaelogical Groups 
    or do it yourselves, note also in photos 
    the Celtic Cross flag this is used to further
     the Croes Naid - Return of National Treasures


      9 Oct 2011 – YMGYRCH TREFTADAETH CENEDLAETHOL CYMRU. Continuing the Cymric Consciouness Campaigning of Cofiwn in Defence of our Historical Heritage 

      One last Important word.

      If visiting, and children are with you remember
       there is a River here and in the Winter it's 
      deep and fast flowing far from being a ford. 
      So keep the kids in the car or on a lead  or
       keep a firm grip on their hands ok!

    Rhyd Chwima - Wicipedia

    cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhyd_Chwima - Translate this page
    Lleolir Rhyd Chwima ar Afon Hafren ger Aberriw, tua 2.5 milltir i'r gogledd-orllewin o Drefaldwyn, Powys. Mae'n rhyd hanesyddol a fu'n groesfan am ganrifoedd .

    Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust - Projects - Historic Landscapes ...

    By the 13th century the ford just to the south of the Roman fort had become known to the Welsh as Rhydwhiman (or Rhydwhyman, Welsh rhyd chwima 'swift 

  2. The historic Ford at Montgomery (Welsh = Rhyd Chwima = the swift ...

    13 Feb 2011 – The historic Ford at Montgomery (Welsh = Rhyd Chwima = the swift ford), near to Garthmyl, Powys, Great Britain. The ford from England to mid 

The medieval March of Wales: the creation and perception of a ... - Google Books Result

books.google.co.uk/books?isbn=0521769787...Max Lieberman - 2010 - History - 292 pages
... the severn ford (rhyd chwima, the 'rushing ford') to 'anglo-Welsh relations' ... 'rhyd chwima –The ford at Montgomery – aquevadum de Mungumeri', Mont. ...

SO2098 :: Browse 16 Images :: Geograph Britain and Ireland ...
The historic Ford at Montgomery (Welsh = Rhyd Chwima = the swift ford). by John Davies · SO2098 : Site of the early bridges across the Severn at Caerhowel by ...


Smith, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd: Prince of Wales

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
1267 at Rhyd Chwima, a ford on the river Severn near Montgomery castle, at which Llywelyn did homage to Henry III and swore fealty. This was probably the ...


The Pattern of Settlement on the Welsh Border

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by GRJ JONES - Cited by 17 - Related articles
Severn ford known as Rhyd Chwima. That this small settlement adjoining a strategic Roman fort should still house aWelsh bond community ill 154o is ...



I'R GAD: Welsh Medieval Battlefields Campaign.

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Category:Fords in Wales - Wikimedia Commons

7 Dec 2009 – 142130 bytes. Rhyd Chwima 677427.jpg 129478 bytes. Rhyd ger Tal y Fan.JPG 195914 bytes. A ford - geograph.org.uk - 701374.jpg ...

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