Friday, 25 October 2013


At Last Welsh History Receiving Pride of Place.

As welcome is the Cadw, Conwy and Gwynedd Initiative at long last, I mean it is some 50 years since the Patriotic Front embarked on an activist Cymric Consciouness Campaign with launch of Rali Cilmeri to promote such history. As many years back too that this work was continued by Cofiwn not least in the need for radical action against CADW’s Festival of Castles designed and promoted to celebrate the conquest of Wales 1283 – 1983. How many years have we thus had to wait since 1983 to see CADW embark on such Welsh Patriotic Initiatives at last, well to be kind to CADW we must recognise that with some prompting from ourselves they do fly the Baner Glyndwr on most of their Castles on 16 Medi and have in line with England embarked on a Battle Field Register though little further promotion is given to this as for instance is the case with CADW’s Heritage in the Landscape.

In is also welcome to see Gwynedd Council supporting a project that will counter that most biased perversion of our History and it’s conquest, not least their native Principality and almost a  1000 years history of it’s native princes which only receives but one display panel out of many more given over to the English Princes of Wales that has been placed in Caernarfon Castle since 1969. How many tourists since then have seen this distortion of our history and come out of it thinking all the Welsh must have welcomed their conquest and colonisation. Of course a view much celebrated by ‘Cambro – Brit’ Native Traitors since 1485 right up to the two Investiture ceremonies 1911 and 1969 and no doubt another one not to distant perhaps? But still the Initiative aforementioned may at least make a welcome impression on Tourists even if the Welsh still do not get it?

Whist wishing the recent ‘Princes of Wales’ initiative, on the whole about the ‘Princes of Gwynedd’, I hope we shall see CADW and other Welsh Councils doing as much regards the ‘Princes of Powys’, Deheubarth and Glywysing (Morgannwg and Gwent). Whatever, I do wish the aforementioned Initiative much success and call upon Patriots to actively support in any number of positive ways as a now practical and positive means by which to advance Cymric Consciousness. In passing may I suggest that furthering and promoting this ‘Princes of Gwynedd/Wales’ initiative perhaps a logo best used would be that reminds one and all of the regality of these Princes, that being Y Croes Naid this being but one of the stolen Royal Treasures which included the Royal Coronet, Seals and Plate etc. How the English Conquistador Edward I came into final possession of these Royal Treasures is not an edifying story but one of hideous treachery and betrayal which no poetic lament can hide. An awful story that I hope is not set aside into the Shadows of Welsh History for there is light, as that shown by Goronwy ap Heilin and sons who stood and died in defence of Dafydd ap Gruffydd and family on 22 May 1283.
Mind you there is much darker tale of the downfall of Gwynedd in the number of it’s native Chiefs and Priests who were all too quick to sell a 1000 years of native regal royalty down the drain. I have their names and details of their crimes which I will conclude with in due course in a re look at 1282 as less a tale of tragedy but more one of a great treachery 1283 – 84.

Gethin Gruffydd Welsh Remembrancer.