Thursday, 18 November 2010


Some Stupid 'Welsh Quisling Traitors' have already been suggesting that Ynys Mon be declared 'Royal Anglesey' in tribute recognition of that English Royal Wedding and to acknowledge that William and Catherine are to live on Ynys Mon for duration of him being stationed with the R.A.F. there. The Fools! The Fools! Anglesey is already 'Royal' and has been so since Cadwallon Lawhir established his Royal Court of Gwynedd there at Aberffraw, in time to be the High Royal Court of Wales as Tara was in Ireland. Patriots do remind one and all of this, not least all media by any means plus not least remind our own people so kept in ignorence of this historical fact.

Further note, as Welsh Republicans will challenge all to do with this English Royal Wedding, that Cameron and Co are using for 'British Unity' purpose (see my blog I'r Gad - Welsh Battlefield Campaign). Nationalists must challenge on historical grounds and use as platform to promote Cymric National Identity and Consciousness, in any number of ways. Not least in Schools but also with events and activities as field trips and outings to sites associated with our own native medieval Monarchy, not least make the Gwenllian Memorial in Cydweli a key place to vist and place floral tributes at next year at about time of highest hysteria over that English Royal Wedding.

On the wedding Day itself, I suggest four major 'National' regional gatherings for patriots, not least with their children. These being the four native Royal Courts of Wales; Dinas Powys, Dinefwr, Mathrafel and not least Aberffraw. Make these not just Patriotic Rallies but more so Patriotic Celebrations of our own native Royal Dynasties, festivals in remembrance of over 1000 years of native Welsh Royalty before it was all but extinquished in 1282. Now Nationalists of Wales, go for it and lets see four major regional gatherings on that English Royal Wedding day. Start planning and preparing for this Welsh National Boycott of you know what. In London, Welsh Nationalists could gather at memorial of Catherine Glyndwr for same patriotic purpose. Do make these events colourful with plenty of Banners and flags of our Welsh Medieval heraldry. Now spread the word. lets see some positive action, not least in countering the poison they will inject into our young children! So  get creative about this OK!

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Friday, 12 November 2010

MAGNA CARTA 800th ANNIVERSARY 12 November 2010: HOW TO ORGANISE BIG TIME A MEDIEVAL COMMEMORATION Not The Measly Way The Welsh Powers That Be Do IT! Very Small Time Pathetically So Too, WHY's THAT?

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