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the top of the ancient site of Mathrafal. This is the ancient home of the Princes of Powys and as such one of the most treasured historical sites in Wales. As such it ...

  1. Mathrafal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Mathrafal near Welshpool, in Powys, Mid Wales, was the seat of the Kings and Princes of Powys probably from the 9th century until its destruction in 1212 by ...
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    Map link for Mathrafal Castle ... Mathrafal was an original capital of the Princes of Powys, ranking alongside Aberffraw and Dinefrw as one of the three royal ...

    1. Mathrafal Castle (The Gatehouse Record)
      25 Jun 2011 – Mathrafal Castle has been described as a certain Timber Castle, and early C13, and Llywelyn ab Iorwerth destroyed Mathrafal in 1211. ...
    2. MATHRAFAL ... - Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales - Block all results
      MATHRAFAL CASTLE. It was the original capital of the Princes of Powys, one of the three royal seats in Wales. The 35m by 25m by 5m high motte was probably

      House of Mathrafal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      The House of Mathrafal began as a cadet branch of the House of Dinefwr, taking their name from Mathrafal Castle which was their principal seat and served as ..

      Kingdom of Powys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Block all results
      Throughout the Early Middle Ages, Powys was ruled by the Gwerthrynion dynasty, a family claiming descent jointly from the marriage of Vortigern and Princess ...

      You really got to note where Mathrafal Court is sited, get lost and ask around and most locals will direct you to Mathrafal farm having no idea about the Court or where it  is. Yes, getting lost to local memory and thus I suggest that a local History Information board is placed in Meifiod which does spell out this local history and where the court is. Further, mention should be made of the  historically signifigant Meifod Tithe Riots and is there a plaque to such as at Llangwm in Denbighshire? Both this latter historical event and history of Mathrafal is much publically ignored in Meifod, sign of the times? Patriots need to put such back on the map by holding Patriotic Commemorative Rallies and Festivals in above association also why no memorials. See below.

      Memorial to the Tithe Martyrs of Llangwm The date, 27th May 1887 ... -Block all results
      1. 9 Feb 2011 – Memorial to the Tithe Martyrs of Llangwm The date, 27th May 1887; the setting, the Tithe riots - large mobs of increasingly desperate men ...

      Today Tegni Windmill Master Robber Barons are based in Llangwm, too bad Welsh Resistance against exploiters is not as it was in 1887.

      Windfarm Developer North Wales - Tegni

      Tegni is a Welsh wind farm developer, owner and operator. We have an expanding portfolio of wind energy projects in Wales and England.

      Thus tune and switch on to some protest:

      8 Sep 2011 – Information & News on Anti - Colonial/Capitalist Campaigns plus Patriotic... THE PRIORITY PATRIOTIC CENTRES OF WELSH RESISTANCE ...
      Excuse diversion.


      Mathrafal Castle Street map -Block all results
      Mathrafal Castle map - hear you will find detailed map of the Mathrafal Castle map including satellite image of Mathrafal Castle.

      It appears that the site is on private land but can be viewed from  road side B4389 as from gate seen in photo below. Note parking space opposite the gate on other side of the road.

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Tourist Information for Ffridd Mathrafal. Find nearby attractions, hotels and cottage holiday.

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Meifod is the nearest town or village. Mathrafal Woods are situated either side of the A495 (25 miles west of Oswestry). OS Grid Reference: SJ154132 For details ...

Coed Lleol - Mathrafal -Block all results
Mathrafal woods are small woodlands in the Meifod valley offering walks and sites of historic interest. Show this woodland on the map. ...

PATRIOTIC POTENTIALS Based on Sustainable Life Festival :

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If anyone has any questions regarding the Sustainable Life Festival today ...

Comments - Montgomeryshire Against Pylons
On behalf of SNAP (Shropshire North Against Pylons). By: Dave ... as possible at ourSustainable Life Festival on the 30th ( ...
Why not an Urdd Brenhinol Medieval Festival on Mathrafal Field, Meifod. Strongly Princes of Powys themed with perhaps some JCP Fantasy.

GORSEDD ARBERTH: John Cowper Powys : Mathrafal
In that novel the aboriginal Brythons are represented by Broch o Meifod in his court atMathrafal, itself magnifenctly presented as a last bastion of a disappearing ...

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1 day ago – I'R GAD: Welsh Medieval Battlefields Campaign. Objectives are to seek official recognition and registration of Welsh Medieval Battlefields. ...

20 Jul 2011 – ANACHRONISM AM BYTH! CYMRU/WALES NEEDS ANACHRONISM in... New book examines the influence of medieval Welsh on Tolkien . ...

Alternativelly or as well, why not something more political as a Pitchfork and Pike Festival commemorating Popular Protests as the Meifod Tithe Riots:

PITCHFORK and PIKE - Block all results
1 Aug 2011 – PITCHFORK and PIKE. An Alternative To Cofiwn's Focus on Medieval Welsh History, this blog is in area of an HANES CYMRU GOCH - A RED ...


Kings Head HotelMeifod, Welshpool presented by A1 Tourism › ... › UK hotels › Powys › Welshpool
Kings Head HotelMeifod, Welshpool presented by A1 Tourism.

BBC - Mid Wales Eisteddfod 2003 - Welcome to Meifod
24 Nov 2005 – The King's Head public house at Meifod Both Robert (Kathy's partner who owns the King's Head public house in the village) and I feel strongly ...